A healthy ham

A healthy ham

An antioxidant pleasure

Scientific evidence now confirms that the two “montaneras” that our animals complete provide our products, in addition to an exceptional and unique flavour, with properties that are beneficial to the health of our consumers.

Iberian ham with double montanera, an antioxidant pleasure

A CSIC-CIAL study shows that Iberian ham has more antioxidant properties when it comes from pigs fed for two montaneras.

The family’s conviction was that our products, as well as having a unique aroma, flavour and texture, were healthier for consumers, but how could we know for sure? At this point, Arturo Sánchez’s path crossed with that of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas thanks to FACYRE’s Science and Gastronomy committee to participate in a study whose results suggest that antioxidant properties can mean health benefits for the consumer.

Perfection over 4 generations

For the first time we decided to put all our knowledge and experience in the production of Iberian cured meats under the microscope of science with the primary objective of checking whether our production method, perfected over 4 generations, has benefits for the health properties of the final product.

After 18 months of research, the study showed that the antioxidant capacity of Iberian ham increases during the curing process of the ham, so that the Iberian ham from pigs that had been fed for 2 seasons with acorns has almost double the antioxidant capacity compared to the group that did not consume acorns or that consumed acorns only during a single season.

Why not all Iberian hams are the same