Lomo de bellota Roscal Arturo Sánchez



Arturo Sánchez’s Acorn-Fed iberico Lomo is a natural spell: spell, because it enraptures instantly, and natural, because it is captivating per se, without intending to. The very condition of this piece makes it have a great fat infiltration that gives it that peculiar and unmistakable grain.

The rest is due to the exquisite marinade perfected over generations with natural spices and an extraordinary La Vera paprika.

Only the best loins make it to this process. They must be flawless pieces already fresh that, after the marinade, they are stuffed in natural casing to dry them in the hood in the heat of the oak wood.

This is the best complement to its aroma and flavor, because it emphasizes its characteristic notes. After six months of curing in our natural dryers, the result is an elegant product, with a delicately intense flavor and with great permanence, as if it wanted the palate to never forget it.

Tasting notes


  • The Acorn-Fed iberico Lomo has a perfect and attractive coverage due to the color of the natural marinade. When cut, some pinkish color slices are achieved, alternated with the asymmetric streaks of fat. The proper combination of the acorn-fed iberico raised in the Dehesa fields.


  • Firme y compacta. Sensible a la presión. Es muy agradable en la masticación por la alternancia entre el magro y las finas vetas de grasa fundida.


  • The intensity of the aroma expands from the nose to the passage in the mouth and remains clear in the aftertaste. The aromatic notes of the marinade, the meat and the smoked oak wood are well integrated and can be appreciated from the cut.


  • Clean, crisp, iberico taste and natural marinade. It remains linear from the entry into the mouth and offers a long aftertaste. It is a tasty and firm loin due to the excellent solubility of spices in saliva.

Nutritional information (per 100g)

1445/345 44.2 g 17 g*Saturated (6.60 g)
3.8 g < 0.1 g 4.2 g

How to experience it

lomo bellota Arturo Sánchez cortado en rodajas

The temperature requirements are the same as for the rest of Iberian produce: they are best enjoyed at about 24ºC. The classic cut, in slices of about two millimetres thick, allows itself to stick to the roof of the mouth, giving this fine expression of joint lean meat and fat.

To taste it in a completely different way, the piece can be cut horizontally. The streaks are then very different and the slices are much longer, which makes them more versatile when it comes to creating original, simple and delicious recipes.

Some like to combine its mild and persistent tastes with a fine layer of salmorejo soup; some will cut it into cubes for a more intense experience…

Experiencing the Lomo iberico pork loin is a pleasure that will satisfy almost any creative whim in the kitchen.

Drink pairing

Manzanilla wine from Sanlucar de Barrameda, Fino wine, Amontillado wine. A dry white wine with wood notes. Red Reus vermouth and Ale beer.






Other qualities


The intense flavor of the authentic acorn-fed iberico Lomo. Made with acorn-fed lomo, hand-marinated only with natural spices, hand-tied and dried in an oak firewood hood.

It differs from the Roscal by the casing in which it is stuffed, called Fibran. The curing in natural dryers is carried out for more than six months.

For this reason, they achieve that complete muscular and bone development, always in the dehesa fields, running free and feeding on the extraordinary acorns of holm oaks and cork oaks.

Thus, they fatten or replenish up to 70 kg in the second montanera season. Our Acorn-Fed 75% iberico hams come from these pigs with a minimum of 36 months of curing, always in our Guijuelo drying rooms and natural cellars.

Available in these formats: whole piece and sliced.


The juiciness and flavor that invite us to continue tasting.

Made with the lomo (loin) of our free-range pigs, hand-marinated  with only natural spices, hand-tied and dried in an oak firewood hood.

The curing in natural dryers is carried out for more than five months.

Available in these formats: whole piece and sliced.