Empresa de jamón ibérico Arturo Sánchez


More than a hundred years creating Jewels of Gastronomy

Arturo Sánchez is a company with a century of traditions, experience and treasured craftsmanship after four generations making ibérico products. Throughout this period, we have perfected the pig selection, the production techniques and the care in curation to result in the Gastronomic Jewel that it represents today.

We are Iberico Artisans. We have learned to treat each piece as the unique jewel that it is. There are no shortcuts or tricks possible, it is just about understanding, respecting and promoting the work of nature to achieve unique products following our principles, the Legacy of Arturo Sánchez, which is transmitted to all of us who work in this company.

Today, our products, authentic Jewels of Gastronomy are made in Guijuelo (Salamanca, Spain), with a worldwide recognition. Arturo Sánchez brand is a benchmark and a guarantee of prestige, purity and flavor appreciated in the most outstanding gastronomic spaces and in each of the homes of our consumers.

In recent years, under the leadership of the third and fourth generation, we have advanced into the future on a path of expansion linked to research and innovation without giving up continuing to make our Acorn-fed iberico ham and iberico cured meats in the traditional way, as our ancestors taught us.