Carne de cerdo ibérico


100% double montanera

When the acorn season comes to an end, it is time to taste the acorn iberico meat.

The base of the Mediterranean diet is to bet on seasonal products, since they have the best nutritional properties. For this reason, when the season is coming to an end, this is the best time to enjoy Arturo Sánchez Acorn-Fed 100% iberico pig, a meat available only from January to March, but which we deep-freeze as soon as we sacrifice to ensure that the meat does not lose its qualities and thus be able to benefit from it throughout the year.

A unique acorn iberico pig meat

Arturo Sánchez iberico pig is unique because it comes from a Acorn-fed 100% iberico certified, freely bred for two years, which has allowed it to enjoy two full seasons of acorns (montaneras), a period during which the pig feeds mainly on acorns from oak and cork, and grass.

Arturo Sánchez double “montanera” season

The first montanera season takes place when the iberian pig it is between 12 and 14 months old and the second montanera when the animal is 18 months old.

Once in the second montanera, the animals are able to consume an average of 9 kg of acorns and 4 kg of grass daily, with more than 4 acres per animal, in natural pastures in northern Seville and southern Badajoz province.

The reason for the seasonality of this meat is the acorn production by the Querqus genus trees. Once acorns are mature begin to fall to the ground in early autumn, beginning the montanera, a period during which the pigs fatten between 75 to 90 kg in a period of time that lasts until March.

Acorn-Fed iberico pig meat

Speak about 100% iberico acorn pigs is very generic, since as the Spanish proverbs says, “everything but the Squeal”.

For this reason, it is worth to highlight some cuts such as the sirloin and the loin that stand out for their softness and tenderness, and the very juicy and tasty feather.

The “Presa ibérica” has always been one of the most popular cuts for its marbled-looking intramuscular fat.

In Guijuelo (Salamanca) “cruceta ibérica” meat has been very popular, also known as “secreto ibérico” in other regions of Spain, or the “Costillas ibéricas” (ribs) to share with friends.

High Quality in iberico pig meat

The combination of racial purity, acorn-based diet and free breeding for two years in the animal, results in high-quality meat, where the muscle has fully developed and with a high fat infiltration in this.

Heart-healthy infiltrated fat

This fat infiltrated in iberian pigs is heart-healthy, with a content of oleic acid only surpassed by olive oil. According to recent studies by the CIAL, this double montanera meat has twice the antioxidant power than others from pigs fed during a single montanera or bait and does not present any additive or preservative.

For this reason, the pieces of Iberian pork are packaged and ultra-frozen hours after the animal is slaughtered, to keep all its properties and characteristics intact.

A bet on the natural, healthy and authentic.

Partes del cerdo ibérico de bellota