Q&A Delivery and returns

How orders are delivered?

At Arturo Sánchez, we deliver our orders with a trustworthy company such as SEUR. The delivery of your product is made using the SEUR 48 service by means of which you will receive your order with the next 48 hours provided the delivery address is within the Spanish Peninsula, the Balearic Islands, Melilla, Ceuta.

Delivery in Canal Islands will take extra 2-3 working days

May I know when my order will be delivered?

SEUR informa all our clients about the status of the order and tracking number via e-mail. With this number we may follow up our order form our premises at Guijuelo to the delivery address. The following are some of the different steps your order will follow:

In the warehouse: your orden has arrived at SEUR premises so ir can be shipped to destination.

In transit: goods have been shipped but not yet reached the warehouse at destination

On its Way: packs are been internally managed so they can be delivered as soon as possible Managed by SEUR: the delivery is been internally managed by our supplier so they can be delivered as soon as possible

On delivery: your order will be delivered within today

Are returns admitted?

Yes, Arturo Sánchez admits returns; we want satisfied clientes so we will proceed to solve the incidence in the shortest possible time under the following conditions: 1. product has to be intact and with the packaging and wrapping on perfect conditions and un-opened 2.

Maximum time for return is 15 natural days since order reception.

In the highly unproblable case that the product does not match the quality standards of Arturo Sánchez, the Client should contact directly with us via e- mail (store@arturosanchez.com) explaining he reason for return sending a printing proof that the packaging is sealed and damage free.

Our Quality Department will analyze the case on a one by one basis returning to our Client as soon as possible.Once we confirm suitability for return, we will proceed to pick up back the pac k and then return money back using the same payment method (either credit card or PayPal)

Where can Arturo Sánchez products be delivered?

We ship our products to any place in Spanish Peninsula and Balearic Islands. Should you request delivery to other areas or countries, please contacta us.

Do I have today delivery costs?

Delivery costs are free ir orders above 100€ to any address within Spanish Peninsula and above 150€ if delivery at Balearic Islands and international destinations.

When the order will be delivered?

One we register your order, it will be delivered within the next 48 hours of delivery takes place in Spanish peninsula and Balearic Islands. Deliveries outside Spanish Peninsula or Spain with take minimum 72 hours though final delivery will depend of final destination.

Do I have to pay delivery agency?

No. Transportation is included

How can I buy through the website?

To make an order yo have to navigate thru the different categories and select the desired product.

To add them to the shopping cart, you should click on the “buy” button that you will find both in the categories or in the product descriptions. Once the card is completed do you just have to click on the check out box.

Once you have reached the summary of your cart, please fill up he questionnaire with your invoicing and delivery data. Afterwards you will be requested to choose the payment method before ending the process.

Can I see the status of my order?

Yes. SEUR, our supplier, will provide you with a tracking number so you can follow up your order.

Can I modify or cancel and order?

As soon as we receive and order will proceed to preparation. However, provided the pack has not left our premises, you will have the chance to modify or cancel it. Is that is the case, please contact us calling to our number (+34) 923 58 15 68 or send us an email to store@arturosanchez.com Does the price include VAT? Yes, all orders include the VAT (currently, 10%)

How can I make the payment?

You can pay via credit card (Visa, Visa Debt, Mastercard) or via PayPal Help Do you need our assistance with your web order? If so, please contact 923 58 15 68 Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or send an e-mail to store@arturocsanchez.com We will be glad to help you